Tokio Marine HCC
Company Size
1,000 - 5,000 Employees
United States
Company Profile:

Tokio Marine HCC (TMHCC) is a leading specialty insurance group with offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Ireland, providing highly customized and innovative insurance solutions in approximately 180 countries and underwriting more than 100 classes of specialty insurance.

Each of TMHCC’s highly entrepreneurial businesses are equipped to underwrite special situations, companies and individuals, and act autonomously to deliver effective solutions. TMHCC has achieved an outstanding record of growth and profitability through creative but careful underwriting, opportunistic expansion and targeted acquisitions. The insurance group continues to reinvent insurance by anticipating and pre-empting the world’s emerging exposures and providing the best possible insurance solutions.

Revolutionizing Your Business Through Salesforce Integration  

Tokio Marine HCC has partnered with Synatic, to solve its Salesforce CRM related integration challenges. Through Synatic’s powerful Hybrid Integration Platform, TMHCC was able to effectively implement a solution allowing them to manage their Salesforce CRM data. After implementing Synatic’s solution, the insurance group was able to save 30 hours per claim, at a rate of $50 per hour on every claim that required a full record of communications to be collected and sent.

Business Problem / Situation

TMHCC uses Salesforce to manage their claims, client profiles, and a portion of their underwriting process. One of the unique challenges that the insurance group faced was being able to bring data together from multiple disparate applications and share that information when mandated. The insurance group would receive requests to print out every piece of communication they had accumulated that was associated with a particular policy within TMHCC’s systems. This would happen during a litigation case, where a third party would need all the information that the company had collected that would be important in the case.

TMHCC’s previous information transfer processes were considerably time consuming, laborious, and required valuable company resources to execute on these requests. The claims team would have a staff member manually access every record in Salesforce as well as other policy administration systems, individually print out every email, place all that documentation into an envelope and finally ship it off. This ultimately led to the insurance group spending additional costs on tasks that could be completely automated. Due to multiple siloed data sources, TMHCC’s claims team had limited access to all their data and their ability to consolidate and transform the data into their desired format was severely restricted.

Simplifying and Automating Processes Through Salesforce Integration

Synatic was able to build an integration solution that allowed TMHCC to handle data in flight from their Salesforce CRM, claims administration system and underwriting systems to name a few, and dynamically transform that data into any format that it was needed. In the case of TMHCC they needed a way to extract correspondence from multiple systems, whether it be emails, phone calls or policy case notes, and transform it into the required format (PDF).

Through Syantic’s Hybrid Integration Platform, a solution was built to automate the entire data extraction process, and what used to take the claims team many weeks to complete, now only takes five minutes. Automating this process also resulted in operational accuracy as there was less room for human error.  

“Synatic was great in terms of handling our integration between Salesforce and our backend proprietary systems, whether it was our policy admin system or other data sources,” stated Kaz Yasui, IT Executive at TMHCC. “Synatic’s robust capabilities allowed us to manipulate data in a way that would have been very difficult with any other current applications that we have across the enterprise,” Yasui continued.

Key Differentiators 

“Synatic is a platform in a league of its own,” said Yasui. Other middle ware platforms position themselves as ESB, ETL or API management solutions, however, current solutions on the market that are unable to provide this range of data management capabilities are rare. If they do offer a solution that provides hybrid data management capabilities, the platforms either fall short when performing specific functions or cost millions of dollars to implement. Yasui said, “we found that Synatic was significantly more powerful than our previous legacy ETL solution and it was capable of doing a lot more.”

Synatic gave TMHCC the ability to manage all their data access, movement and storage challenges. This included ETL, integration, API management, edge services and data lake architectures through a single platform, allowing the insurance group to get the right data to the right person at the right time.

“Synatic is opening the doors to possibilities of solutions that we didn't think could be addressed easily,” said Yasui. He also mentioned that “as you familiarize yourself with the easy-to-use platform, the more opportunities you see with it, and the greater the speed of delivery.”

Working With Synatic

Yasui said, “working with the Synatic team was fantastic. The team was very responsive to all of our needs. Whether it was a question that we had about a particular aspect of the Salesforce integration or challenges that we were not able to overcome independently, the Synatic team was always available to assist whenever we needed them to. I couldn't be happier.”


“Working with Synatic has been a revelation for us. We didn't realize that a multifaceted and dynamic solution like Synatic existed. The great thing about Synatic is that if you have a data challenge, you can invariably solve it using their Hybrid Integration Platform.”

They Delivered with Synatic