Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation
Company Size
200-500 Employees
Louisiana, USA

Company Profile

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC) is a private, nonprofit mutual insurance company focused on the unique needs of Louisiana businesses. The corporation strives to offer its policy holders a full range of insurance services under one roof. LWCC has been meeting the needs of Louisiana’s hard-working employees since 1992 and is the largest workers’ compensation carrier in the state. They are Louisiana Loyal, always. and continue to provide much-needed stability for Louisiana’s workforce.

Business Situation

LWCC required a full 360-degree view of their customer when engaging with them. They were in need of a system that would provide them with quick access to a consolidated view of their customers’ data in one place; a customer-centric single view of client. From basic customer contact information to all their past and present policy data, and interactions with customer service.


Synatic completed the Oracle to Salesforce integration, leveraging intensive Oracle procedures on LWCC’s complex Oracle databases. Synatic accessed the data, querying it through stored procedures, and finally converted and manipulated that data to prepare it for insertion into Salesforce.

With the help of Synatic, LWCC was able to retrieve and consolidate data from all the agencies that LWCC works with, along with policies that are related to the policy holders. This data included:

• Premiums

• Profile data against every agency that would change month to month

• Profit loss ratios

• Profile grading

• Retention details for a specific agency

This was quite a dynamic and intricate relational stack in the sense that agencies can be involved in policies and multiple policies can be related to a policy holder. This collection of interrelated data is all pulled from LWCC’s Oracle sources on a schedule and pushed into Salesforce in various custom and standard objects such as accounts, policies and contacts.

Synatic brought true application modernization to the needs of LWCC, allowing for a unique combination of speed of delivery, alongside complexity of solution.

Cody Dickinson, IT Director at LWCC, said “The interesting part of this solution was that it was a bidirectional integration. Synatic sourced data from our Oracle database, receiving triggered data changes from Salesforce, and pushed the updated data back into our Oracle database effortlessly.” All of this was made possible by using platform events to trigger flows on Synatic. Dickinson also mentioned that, “Although the same data can be created on both sides, Synatic had specific mechanisms in place that would stop that from creating an infinite loop.”

Dickinson continued “Synatic was able to rapidly build and implement a complex integration solution that would have taken several months to complete, in a matter of weeks. The integration flowed freely from development to testing and then implementation. This level of speed, reliability, and efficiency resulted in rapid time to value for LWCC.”

What did Synatic enable for LWCC?

Through Synatic, LWCC was able to reduce integration costs by completing a complex solution, building processes within weeks instead of months. Accessing the Oracle database is deceptively complicated as it is positioned behind a firewall; therefore, getting to the data is not an easy task. Building a bespoke integration solution for the solution stack would have undoubtedly cost LWCC a considerable amount of time, effort, and money.

Synatic was also able to access very rich data from their core systems and push that out into an online platform in a user-friendly manner, allowing LWCC to begin driving more business and being more current when engaging with their customers.

With any integration, managing errors such as incorrectly mapped fields, is key. Synatic was able to provide LWCC with the ability to better manage and log errors in the data automation process. What this meant was that any data issue that might have happened in the integration, was recorded in an integration log at first in Synatic, and then pushed to Salesforce. This enabled LWCC to access the logs and view any errors that occurred between platforms in a central location with links to the Salesforce records. These links provided LWCC with click-back functionality into Synatic, making error tracking much easier. The Synatic platform then allowed LWCC to view detailed descriptions of what went wrong by accessing the Operations Portal.

The most substantial change, however, was the way in which Synatic facilitated LWCC’s use of Salesforce to optimally gain access to the right information, in the right place, at the right time. Staff no longer had to endure the lengthy delays that came with generating manual reports. With the new dynamic Salesforce solution in place, data was made available instantaneously and when it was needed.

"The interaction with the Synatic Team was outstanding. The Synatic Team was able to determine exactly what we needed and how their solution would fulfill those needs. The team spent enough time with us to understand and document our business needs and process flows. Synatic not only provided the software needed to build an effective solution, but also included impressive services along with their offering to transform the way that we interact with our customers." Cody Dickinson / IT Director / LWCC

They Delivered with Synatic