Strategic Growth
Company Size
11-50 Employees
Information Technology & Services
Texas, USA
Company Profile    

Strategic Growth, a Certified Gold Salesforce Consulting Partner, was formed in 2007 by members of the initial Salesforce Consulting organization. The company is headquartered in Austin Texas, with offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Irvine, and Chicago. Strategic Growth focuses on providing unmatched depth of Salesforce implementation and best practice experience. The company has completed over 2,400 implementations and has amassed more than 85 5-star AppExchange reviews, which is more than any other Salesforce Gold Partner in North America.  

Business Situation   

Strategic Growth has always been driven to find faster and more efficient ways of integrating data into Salesforce. Many of their customers seek to implement Salesforce within their business ecosystem. The problem arises when clients request that their intricate solution stack be integrated so that the data in their ERP, or bespoke in-house solutions, surfaces inside Salesforce.  

Salesforce is all about the 360-degree view of the customer. No organization can achieve this holistic view of their customers if their systems remain siloed, therefore, integration plays a key role in making sure that disparate systems are connected. Over the years Strategic Growth has partnered with Gartner certified integration providers that have a proven track record of providing value. As the integration landscape has changed, however, the need arose to find an integration partner that was Simple, Nimble and Powerful enough to handle the dynamic data requirements of their clients.

Partnering with Synatic to Deliver Dynamic and Reliable Integration Solutions 

Before Strategic Growth found Synatic, they had partnered with four integration providers on various levels. Most of these integration platforms were either low cost at the expense of features or packed with data management capabilities that come at an extraordinarily high price. Strategic Growth decided it was time to explore the integration landscape again, this time, including the international market. Synatic was one of the newer integration providers that offered a modern Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) capable of performing a variety of data transformations. This immediately captured the attention of Strategic Growth. Caleb Sidel, Co-Founder & Chief Technical Architect at Strategic Growth, Inc. said, “The Synatic Platform is incredibly elastic and scalable. Its dynamic, agile, low-code and high-tech capability is what sealed the deal for us.”

Winning Over More Clients with Synatic

Synatic’s value was highlighted when Strategic Growth found itself in a predicament with a customer called Lendistry, who was selected by the State of California to administer the California Small Business COVID-19 Relief Grant Program. Lendistry needed to rapidly build a solution to manage the data from countless applicants within a matter of days. Due to the complex nature of the applications that needed to be integrated and the escalated time frame, Strategic Growth realized they would need a partner to help get their complex Salesforce solution up and running in the allocated time frame.

Strategic Growth recommended Synatic to Lendistry in order to handle their integration needs.  If Synatic could complete the integration within the tight time frame, Strategic Growth would be able to help Lendistry with the rest of their Salesforce integration needs. Both Lendistry and Strategic Growth were drawn to Synatic’s dynamic and powerful data management features and decided to choose Synatic as their integration partner for the Relief Grant Program and it was a roaring success. Under immense amounts of pressure, Synatic was able to work with a tremendous amount of complex data to execute Lendistry’s entire integration in less than seven days. Sidel said, “Synatic not only had great technology, but they also had the ability and the in-depth integration knowledge to do the work.” As a result of Synatic’s nimbleness, Strategic Growth was able to ensure their client was successfully serviced instead of being turned away.  

Synatic – More Than Just a Platform

Sidel said, “Rarely have we come across integration providers that have the ability to provide services along with their offering and work together with their partners as a way for them to gently ramp up their understanding of the platform.” Strategic Growth was blown away by the speed and flexibility of not only the platform, but also the Synatic team. In the past, Strategic Growth has dealt with customers that had complex systems and applications that needed to be integrated. When dealing with these types of customers, Strategic Growth has historically attempted to keep its integrations simple by moving data from point A to Point B with the least amount of transformation possible. However, data challenges have evolved and more complex data integration solutions are needed. More customers are approaching Strategic Growth with intricate systems that are changing on a dime. Many of them are unstable partly due to the fact that the customers are always building the endpoints as they are needed.

By partnering up with Synatic, Strategic Growth has been able to overcome some of those challenges. Synatic’s HIP was able to offer a Nimble, Simple, and Powerful integration solution that came complete with a multitude of dynamic data management capabilities. This brought the flexibility and configurability that Strategic Growth needed, allowing the organization to take on more complex and dynamic integrations and execute some very successful quick wins.

The Bottom Line

Sidel Said “Synatic, as a partner, is helping to significantly de-risk some of our more difficult projects for us, which has been great. The hardest part of our projects is typically integration and dealing with custom code. Synatic has allowed us to take on more projects with confidence instead of turning down potential clients”.

“Working with Synatic has been a pleasure. The technology is first-class and incredibly scalable. The Synatic team are exceptionally knowledgeable about all things integration and automation and always deliver when called upon.”

They Delivered with Synatic